Hi, I'm Santina.

A Little About Me


Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.

I'm a natural nurturer who has experienced several career pivots. Submitting a million terrible résumés, dominating interviews with desperation, and settling for positions and salaries I didn't want - because the job search had defeated me.

I went through it all alone.

Each time I endured a roller coaster of emotions and gained a wealth of knowledge. I have often been in a mentoring position and happily shared what I learned, helping others navigate their own changes with confidence.

I am adept at demystifying the job search process by simplifying complex ideas and making new information approachable to users. I enjoy sharing the pride that comes from the "Aha!" moments that learners of all ages experience.

I approach all things with a scientist's mind and a child's heart. Combining research-based courseware with unexpected facilitation, I am known for "disarming" reluctant participants and creating an environment that supports discussion and collaboration.

- Coaching through Changes and Transitions
- Team and Culture Development
- Facilitation, Coaching, Mentoring
- Training and Curriculum Development
- Adult Learning
- Virtual Training and Facilitation
- Leadership and Soft Skills Training
- Employee Engagement
- Creative Collaboration
- Remote Engagement and Development
- Job Coaching
- Conflict De-escalation

Santina B. Carlson
Santina Burakiewicz Carlson
Obnoxiously Charismatic Chief Distraction Officer

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