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What does ADHD Coaching look like with me?

We cover the following general areas of coaching based specifically on the use of applied neuroscience, emotional intelligence, cognitive behavioural coaching, and mindfulness as well as the use of the Enneagram in your development:

ADHD 101

traits, impacts, strategies, and outcomes explored and understood in a way that gives you clarity around the ways that your brain works differently than the neurotypical populations

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Improved Focus for the ADHD Brain

learning mindfulness is one of the most effective strategies for improving cognitive switching, emotion regulation and overall wellbeing

Emotion Regulation, Anxiety & Stress Management

using the Emotional Intelligence Model of Daniel Goleman gives you a basis for self-awareness, self-management, social awareness & social management. 

Incorporating the mindfulness techniques and learning into the understanding of your brain and the neuroplasticity that allows you to learn to regulate the big emotions of ADHD also impacts your ability to create a plan and execute it to completion through the use of motivation

Strategies for Work & Communication

focus on taking all the strategies learned through understanding your ADHD better, mindfulness practices and emotion regulation to build better work habits and communication tools with things like Reward Stacking™, Activation Charts ™, the Scattered Together Community™, and the use of Enneagram Personality System for personal growth & development.

Available Coaching Programs:

Premium 1:1 

• Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

• Scattered Together Membership

• Sprint Meetings twice per week

• Open Group Coaching Sessions

• All program materials

• Monthly Workshops on topics relevant to ADHD

Mid-Level 1:1 

• Twice Monthly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

• Scattered Together Membership

• Sprint Meetings twice per week

• Open Group Coaching Sessions

• All program materials

• Monthly Workshops on topics relevant to ADHD

Sherri Lojzer - NeuroCoach


What some of Sherri's happy clients say about her

Jenna D’Adamo

"I was forced into a new working environment and struggled to manage my routine. I started a new job and masked my ADHD more than ever before. It was the first time I experienced paralyzing anxiety, and that’s when I knew I needed better strategies."

"I was embarrassed to share what I was experiencing because I thought nobody would understand me or help me. That all changed when I heard Sherri on Clubhouse and was really inspired to learn more with her. 

Sherri understands me. I felt an instant connection when we met, and she made me feel comfortable to get vulnerable with her. I saw a boost in my confidence and overall satisfaction in my life after a few meetings.

 After each coaching session with Sherri, I'm energized and left feeling motivated to tackle the week ahead with the insights and strategies we just uncovered. The best part about working with Sherri is that I’ve learned to understand myself better to work more effectively by myself and with others. 

I also feel confident enough to be able to share my experiences and helpful strategies with people who express similar feelings when I was hesitant to before. 

This is the first time I've invested in myself, and I've learned a lot from working with you, Sherri. With your help, I've grown mentally and will continue to build up my strength. Thank you for your support and for giving me the space to work with you."

Kathryn, Life’s Emergency Training

“I attended a mastermind program run by Sherri and have come back again and again. I always find clarity to any problems or roadblocks I am having by the time I finish a set of courses with Sherri. She has an understanding I’ve not experienced before.”

"I recommend a coach to all business owners and entrepreneurs but if you want to excel in business call Sherri at MindWave!"

Tom, MLP Technologies (now Greater Southwestern Group)

“I'm currently taking Sherri's Mastermind course and I can honestly say I've seen improvements in myself from the first class. I see improvements in both myself personally and as a business owner."

"In the past I've been told by others to go to a Mastermind class or speak with a Business Coach, I never felt the other recommendations where the right fit. 

After hearing Sherri speak and speaking to others that have taken the course, I knew this was the right fit for me. I'm always excited for the class, and I'm looking forward to watch my own self-improvement”

Christiane, Ceremonies to Remember

“I have had the privilege of attending Mastermind classes, subject matter webinars and received Life Coaching from Sherri Lojzer.

As a result of her exceptional coaching skills and knowledge as well as her outstanding"

"listening skills, my business has flourished as a result.

I very much recommend MindWave Co for your business and personal direction. Your business will grow in so many ways. Thank you, Sherri, for your guidance, direction and passion.”


“All the best athletes have a great coach because they know to be successful and a peak performer you can’t do it alone. It requires the skills of a coach for them to rise up to their maximum capabilities.”

"The same goes for business leaders and Sherri is top notch in helping business leaders realize their maximum potential."

Racheal Coffin

“Working with Sherri was such a treat. She is a fabulous listener. She is very good at listening to you throughout your meetings and picking up on patterns that need to be dealt with to make your life less stressful.”

"I love the fact that she helps you focus on things that need to be changed within yourself as well as your business. I definitely recommend working with her whether it be for personal or business reasons."

Sonia M, Asra Wellness

“In just two sessions with Sherri Lojzer I have found clarity and better understanding about myself. Thank you.”

Vinnie, VinnieRose Designs

Her energy is so positive that I wouldn’t consider anyone else to help me with both my personal and business goals.

Vince M

"Working with Sherri has opened my eyes to many facets of my ADHD. Her understanding of the neuroscience of ADHD has proven invaluable to me.

"She has helped me increase my self-awareness and articulate my own feelings and emotions, which now I use to prepare myself for situations that I previously avoided. The positive effects have rippled through my professional and personal relationships. 

For anyone with ADHD, dopamine, specifically the lack of, really can rule our lives. Through my coaching with Sherri, I have learned strategies to include stimulation and rewards into my everyday processes to create routines that work for me. My increased productivity has increased my confidence and allowed me to better define my goals, set clear boundaries, and have the necessary conversations to maintain that balance."

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