A Little Girl Giving a Thumbs Down

Everything You Need to Succeed You Had When You Were Two. 

by Sherri Lojzer November 26, 2021, 04:45 PM

For any parent who has lived through the terrible twos or threes or fifteens you already know that a stubborn child can be exhausting. They can quickly test every tool in your toolbox and then demand more. Parenting is a fine balancing act between creating a tiny human that has the right tools in their toolbox to morally and effectively engage in the world without over or under-parenting and losing your sanity somewhere in the process.

So, for a moment of reflection, think of the level of determination that sets in when as a child you want something despite your parents' protestations and explanations about why you can’t have it your way. Did that sway you from wanting what you wanted? Did you once, at 2 or 4, or 6 years old, pause and say, “You know Mom, you’re right, it's probably not reasonable for me to want that.” Likely not! You would use every tool in YOUR toolbox to convince your parents otherwise. Granted those typically included tears, whining, asking why even when you didn’t want the answer, pouting, arguing, pouting some more, evil stares with arms crossed and the look that meant they were the meanest parent on the planet and just about any other tool of hysteria you could think up in your emotional turmoil.

Imagine now, that you could cultivate that absolute determination, completely ignore the learned why-nots and tackle your business building with the same intensity that your child self would have giggled and applauded. Here is the thing. You are the adult now. You’re the one who is making up the why. It is only you that designs the reasons why you can or cannot have what you want. If what you want is morally balanced and does no harm to anyone else or our planet in accomplishing it, what good reason on earth could there be for not pursuing it? If you can come up with a reason, you’ve already made up your mind and so it’s true.

However, if you take a moment and tap into that little child, remembering how intensely you wanted what you wanted. How no reason or logic could diminish it. Think about how focused you were on your need to succeed and how much time you spent thinking about how to convince your parents to see things your way. That is how I want you to spend the rest of your day today, tomorrow and every day after that. Stubbornly and intensely focused on the goals for your business.

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