Collaboration for the ADHD Brain

by Sherri Lojzer January 16, 2022, 05:14 AM

Collaboration really starts with the formation of a team and the formation of a team goes through four stages. Using Tuckman's model we see FormingStormingNorming, and Performing as the four different stages. 

This could be two people of 50 people. Either way, one of the most important things we can do to create a positive and healthy collaboration is to consider what we can do to establish as much of the ground work as possible so that getting from forming, through storming to norming, and performing is effective and efficient. 

Establishing three areas for focus in the beginning can make the transition smoother and minimize conflicts. I have a three-pronged approach to this which I call the 3R's that we can break down a little further.

Establishing the rules of engagement around things like 

  1. 1. commitments to one another and the work
  2. 2. costs
  3. 3. deliverables
  4. 4. goals
  5. 5. communication methods, frequency & topics
  6. 6. how to address a disagreement


  1. 1. say what you're doing and do what you say
  2. 2. huge empathy-be willing and committed to step outside of your own shoes & into theirs
  3. 3. build trust and keep trust
  4. 4. hold one another accountable and know how best to do that for you
  5. 5. be sure you are excited and motivated to work together


  1. 1. be willing and able to evaluate all results and acknowledge the good and the bad even when it's on you
  2. 2. agree on what success looks like
  3. 3. agree on what threshold means you need to make a change

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