The Emotion Wheel

Emotion/Feeling Wheel

by Sherri Lojzer March 02, 2022, 02:50 PM

Yesterday we talked about Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria.  One of the strategies I encourage clients to use is Name it, Claim it, Tame it.  

Name it means giving the emotion a label so that you can create more clarity and you are engaging additional areas of the brain not just the emotion centre in assessing the situations.

Claim it is all about understanding why that matters to you.  Getting clear about what the emotion is trying to tell you and viewing it as simply a source of information to add to the many things to consider before deciding on the next step.

Tame it is bringing it all together to help create space between reaction and action so you can be more conscious and intentional about what you do next, focusing on the long-term goals (like have a better relationship with my mom which means I want to respond to this situation with her rather than simply react.

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