Hi, I'm Carly.

A Little About Me


Carly is an online advocate, mentor and trainer, who shares her experiences as not only an autistic adult, but as a parent of autistic children.  Carly has 3 teenage children. Her 2 daughters were diagnosed with autism in 2019.

Carly holds a level 3 qualification in autism awareness & working towards her level 4 higher diploma in autism awareness.  

Carly is a strong advocate in the autistic community in volunteering for the National Autistic Society co-running the South Wiltshire Branch and as a speaker for the organization. She supports several Club leaders on Clubhouse in the neurodiverse community through awareness building and her skillful organizational strengths. Carly is also a co-facilitator in our Scattered Together community supporting members with knowledge and friendship as well as contributing to the development of the resources there.

Carly offers workshops and mentoring programs for adults with autism and parents supporting their autistic children. She also speaks in many podcasts, summits and online communities to build awareness and understanding as well as her expertise to the autistic community and those who wish to learn. 

Carly has a keen interest in female autism and how the traits can differ. She also has a passion to highlight the co-morbidities that often exist side by side with autism such as ADHD.

Carly lives with her family in the beautiful area of England where the mystique of Stonehenge is close at hand. She is an avid football supporter(that's soccer for our North American friends) and really enjoys attending the games.

Carly Considine
Autism Advocate, Mentor & Trainer

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